Wireless Technology Involves One’s body

Exactly the same technology that has been used from the Navy for communication: sonar, could possibly be utilized to treat heart failure, diabetes or other illnesses.

University at Buffalo, a top investigation center is functioning around the ability to use this technology for health-related diagnosis and transmitting data.

The advancement relies on sensors that use ultrasound. Ultrasound continues to be utilized by military submarines and in healthcare offices. Similar to how the navy subs communicate between each other, health-related products such as a pacemaker could talk and transmit pertinent information by radio waves. Exploration within this spot has been in advancement for above 10 years. Nevertheless, the concentrate was on electromagnetic radio frequency waves, similar to ones in GPS units or mobile phones. Drawbacks of electromagnetic radio frequency waves include the quantity of heat created and vitality which is essential. Since the body is created mainly of water, over 65 percent, electromagnetic waves do not easily propagate. This research focuses on ultrasonic networking by way of physique sensors by means of a closed-loop combination of mathematical modeling, simulation, and experimental evaluation.

“This is a bio-medical advancement that can revolutionize the way we care for men and women suffering in the significant conditions of our time,” PhD, UB associate professor of electrical engineering.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Career grant for his study, “Towards Ultrasonic Networking for Implantable Bio-medical Device,” The NSF Profession grant is considered a highly respected award and can final 5 years.

“Think of how the Navy employs sonar to talk in between submarines and detect enemy ships,”It’s precisely the same principle, only applied to ultrasonic sensors which can be modest sufficient to perform together inside the human entire body and even more properly support treat conditions.”

“We are actually just scratching the surface of what is feasible. You will find countless likely applications,” he said.
The study will emphasis on many regions:

  • Design a tested and evaluate through a simulator of ultrasonic networks design transmission and networking protocols for intro-body sensors,
  • Style the very first current re-configurable tested for experimental evaluation of ultrasonic networks.
  • The project will even generate a scholar plan in ultrasonic networking and its applications; a whole new graduate/undergraduate course on acoustic/ultrasonic networking; and broadening technology work on this area.

Communications and Networking Study Group in UB’s Department of Electrical Engineering inside the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the group conducts research and growth in wireless communications and networking, cognitive radios, excessive setting communications, safe communications, information hiding, information theory and coding, adaptive signal processing, compressed sensing, multimedia methods, magnetic resonance imaging and radar programs.


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    Wireless Technology Involves One’s body

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